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Apartmani Zlata

Apartments Zlata

Apartments Zlata are located in a small place Blace near the mouth of the Neretva River. A stone house with ground floor and two floors is only meters from the beach and the sea. Right next to the house there are two parking places, and the garden with the yard makes it even more beautiful.

This apartment is located on the second floor of the house. It consists of two bedrooms, a large bathroom and a living room with a kitchen. In front of Apartment Z is a large terrace overlooking the sea.

On the ground floor of the house, in a thick shade, Studio Apartment A. It is composed of a kitchen with a dining room, a bathroom and a large living room with a sleeping area. In front of the apartment there is a terrace and a yard, hidden in the natural shade.

Apartmani Sršen

Apartments Sršen

Along the shore of the small Dalmatian fishing place Blace [400 st] is situated apartment house owned by brothers Sršen. There are six apartmens available for rent.
You can almost touch the sea from your balcony. To make your holiday as pleasant as possible we have reserved a place for you on the private beach right in front of your apartment. You don’t have to worry about deck chair and beach umbrella – we provided them for you.
Accommodation facilities are: 4 ‘Studio’ apartment [2 + (2)], 2 Apartments [4 + (1)], 1 Room (without balcony) [3]
Part of the offer: parking, boat dock, free internet, fireplace with grill, terrace with capacity of 30 people which is suitable for a variety of content (terraces and fireplaces are common to all guests).
All guests have a free fish dinner (Dalmatian specialty).

Each of our 4 ‘Studio’ suites * [27 m ^ 2 (with balcony)] has
– Balcony [5,5 m ^ 2] overlooking the sea
– Satellite TV
– Mini-block kitchen [1,2 m] equipped with dishwasher and refrigerator
– WC with shower cabin
– Double bed [2 people]
– Triple-Extra Bed [2 People]
– Air Conditioning
– Fully independent, entrance from the common corridor
* Studio apartment facilities are organized within a large room


Both our apartments [33 m ^ 2] have

– Balcony [5 m ^ 2] overlooking the sea– Satellite TV

– Mini-block kitchen [1,2 m ^ 2] equipped with dishwasher and refrigerator
– WC with shower cabin
– Separated children’s room [7,5 m ^ 2] with 2 beds (1 + 1)
– Double bed
– Two-poster bed [1 person]
– Air Conditioning
– Fully independent, entrance from the common corridor

The room has the following 

– Satellite TV
– Air Conditioning
– WC with shower cabin [7 m ^ 2]
– Predsoblje [5 m ^ 2]
– Dormitory with 2 beds (2 + 1) [12 m ^ 2]


We have provided you
– Parking place
– Boat mooring
– The washer
– Iron
– Shared freezer
– Terrace for 30 persons (available to all guests, upon agreement with the host)
– Grill (on request)
– Fish picnic (on request)
– Photo safari (as agreed)
– Free Internet
– Fire
– Agrotourism
– Free dalmatian fish dinner for all guests (from host)


It is good to know that you are located

– 100 m from the market
– 200 m from café-bar
– 100 m from fast food
– 100 m from kiosk
– 100 m from the restaurant
– 1 km from tennis courts
– 9 km from a ambulance