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Escape from the busy life and take a moment to ejoy the natural beauty of Central and South Dalmatia, and savour the pleasure. It’s all up to you to decide and choose what activities suits your needs the best, and we are here to help, advice and make your vacation unforgettable.

Daily sailing tours with skipper in Ploče, Croatia

When you need some refreshment from city crowds or you want experience something new, you can try daily sailing tours. Travel through the beautiful and rich Croatian coast and sail to the most beautiful islands on the south Croatian Adriatic cost.

Visit most popular islands like Korčula, Hvar, Pelješac Peninsula or sail along beautiful coast line on the Makarska Riviera or Neretva River Delta. Swim in beautiful bays, sandy beaches, and discover historic monuments from the comfort of our sailing boat.
Our team will allow you one-day or half-day sailing adventure in the safe hands of our experienced skipper on full equipped sailing boat.

Sailing along the beautiful Adriatic coast is an unforgettable experience and the very reason for many tourists to come to Croatia.

Sailing “short track” increasingly popular among tourists in the whole of the existing sea charter companies on the Adriatic coast.
Make your vacation unforgettable and contact us for daily sailing tours from Ploče, Gradac or Trpanj!


Elan Impression 514- „Cesarica III“ (10 pax)
Daily trip (08:00-18:00) – 500eur
Half-day trip (5 hours) – 300eur

Sun Odyssey 419 – „Luka Ploče“(7pax)
Daily trip (08:00-18:00) – 450eur
Half-day trip (5 hours) – 270eur

Sun Odyssey 349 – „Porto Tolero“(6pax)
Daily trip (08:00-18:00) – 400eur
Half-day trip (5 hours) – 250eur

Price includes:
Sailing boat with skipper
SUP and snorkeling equipment
Sailing routes by arrangement of guests with skipper
Departures from Ploče


In this afternoon kayaking tour we will explore remote part of the coastline between Drvenik and Živogošće. Far away from the crowds we will paddle along hidden beaches, high cliffs and snorkel in the crystal clear sea. We will provide you with all necessary equipment for paddling and snorkeling. Tour starts at Duba beach, just few kilometers from Drvenik. We are kayaking all the way to Živogošće and have a small break on a way. On our way back we will paddle and enjoy in a perfect Dalmatian sunset and finally reach Duba beach where our tour ends.


18:00 — starting the tour at Vira beach
19:00 — swimming / snorkeling break
20:30 — ending the tour at Duba beach, transfer back to the starting point


— certified guide
— all neccessary equippment

— transfer from finish to starting point
— insurance


— water (1,5 litres minimum)
— some food
— towel
— hat
— photo camera
— swimming clothes

* Itinerary is subjected to change according to season or in case of bad weather.



Hiking is a perfect activity for those who want to see the Dalmatia perfect landscape from one of mountain peaks in vicinity. All of the peaks are moderate hiking tours lasting for 4 to 5 hours including breaks. We offer this tour only during the May and September because of the summer heat which makes hiking much harder. But if you are really enthusiastic and want to go hiking send us an e-mail and maybe we’ll find something for you :). Hiking tours go to a peak of St. Ilija above Gradac. From it, you can see the Neretva Valley in one direction, Makarska Riviera in another and Dalmatian islands will be on the palm of your hand. Enjoy stunning views and intact Biokovo nature. We offer this tour during May and September only. ITINERARY 8:00 — gathering at the meeting point 8:10 — safety talk and start of the route 10:30 — reaching the St. Ilija peak 12:30 — end of a tour PRICE INCLUDES — certified guide — insurance WHAT TO BRING — water (1,5 litres minimum) — some food — comfortable clothes — any kind of hiking shoes / sneakers — photo camera — spare dry clothes — sunscreen * Itinerary is subjected to change according to season or in case of bad weather. PRICE: 240 HRK Children up to 6 years of age are free of charge for this tour, and those from the age of 6 up to 12 pay half the price. SEND INQUIRY

Cycling trail goes all around the lakes. Take your bike and circumnavigate the lakes while learning the history of the area through the info panels on the trail. Total lenght of the trail is around 10 km around the 6 lakes.


Neretva Delta is a dreamland for all riders on the wind. Located at the mouth of the river Neretva to the Adriatic sea. Constant NW wind, sandy beach, shallow water make this spot perfect destination for kiters & wind surfers, and also for their partners, friends and family.
Large beach is ideal for safe learning the basic, pefect freestyle tricks or just to cruise the huge uncrowded area.
Kite school learning program consists of kite flying lessons, body drag lesons, water start lessons (get on the bord) and upwind riding lessons.


Experience night kayaking under the stars and on the still water. This unique tour will show you all the beauty of Riviera Gradac night landscapes. It’s a perfect activity for short getaway into the world of stars and astronomy. As a part of this tour you will get basic astronomy lecture about the stars, constellations and so on. Another amazing thing you will see during this kayaking tour is the glow of plankton being touched by your paddle which is very cool thing to see.
Please be aware that it can get cold during the night so some extra clothes is advised. This tour starts from Gradac beach and then heading to the open sea. Every boat on this tour will be marked with red blinking light which won’t affect your view of space and Riviera Gradac. At the end of the tour expect to sleep as never before, dreaming of vast cosmos above us.


21:00 — gathering at the starting point
21:15 — safety talk and start of the tour
22:30 — end of the tour


— certified guide
— all neccessary equipment
— insurance


— water
— comfortable clothes
— photo camera
— extra clothes (long sleeve)

* Itinerary is subjected to change according to season or in case of bad weather.



Experience unique beauty of Baćina Lakes in traditional local boats. Enjoy sailing while guides are showing you the best places and telling you the stories about this remarkable oasis. Your host is going to welcome you with a home made spirit or juice, and with season fruit and then take You to 1.15 – 1.30 min ride in the boat. You will experience the real peace and relax on this trip in nature. Price: 46,00 kn per person, children by age of 8, 50% discount SEND INQUIRY

SUP tours are a great opportunity to see local culture and the rich diversity of flora and fauna around seven Bacina Lakes and the delta of the Neretva river. Canals, swamps, birds, fisherman’s villages and things you will never see if you travel by the roads through Dubrovnik-Neretva County in Croatia. With your professional tour guide/instructor you will learn to Stand Up Paddle in just a few minutes course and you will be ready to explore.

School and tour

If you are first time on the board there is no need to worry about that. Instructors will teach you and spend all time working with you until you start to feel relaxed. After that you will be ready to enjoy the tour and explore with the rest of the group.

Kids program

Every day organized special program for kids from 7-16 years old. They will learn through the game and spent nice active time on the board with our instructor. The parents can sit in the nearby bar or watch all course from chill zone at the start point.

Team building and groups

Adventure program for Team Buildings and for larger group of people.

SUP School & Baćina Lakes Tour

LOCATION: Baćina Lakes (Croatian: Baćinska jezera) Dubrovnik-Neretva County, CROATIA
Level – First time, Beginners, Advanced
Duration: 3 hours (approx.)

09:30 – Course and practical exercise on land
09:45 – Practice on the “Sladinac” Lake and starting the tour
10:00 – Photo-shooting in the lotus flowers field
10:15 – Paddling around the Island of Love
10:30 – Passing under the “Ždrioc” old bridge to reach the “Crniševo” Lake
10:45 – Fruit picnic at a secret location
11:o0 – Paddling to reach the biggest lake
11:15 – Stop at natural water spring
11:30– Visit to last lake
11:45 – Paddling back to the starting point
12:30 – Finish at the beach bar

GPS starting point: 43°04’13.0″N 17°25’14.7″E
Suitable for: 2 persons min – 10 people max in the group
Age requirements: You have to be older than 7 and younger than 70 to attend this tour
Physical requirements: Easy – Moderate – Hard

Tour includes:
Stand Up Paddle School
Surfboard and Paddle
Instructor and tour guide who will tell you all about the local history
Life jacket (on request)
Waterproof bag for smartphone (on request)
Fruit picnic stop
Mount for GoPro camera on the board
Wetsuit (only during the cold days)

Tour does not include:
Lunch and transportation

What to bring:
Hat or visor
Eyeglasses strap
Lycra – T-shirt
Water bottle

PRICE: 250,00 kn per person


Try this tour and find out why they say it is one of the best outdoor activities for both body and mind. You will be climbing short sport routes in Gradac climbing area with certified instructor. Most of the routes are easy and perfect for introduction in a world of rock climbing. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with this activity and one day climb some of the world hardest routes.
This tour starts with rock climbing basics such as basic knots that are used for this activity, some safety precautions and so on. After the short intro we will start with so-called top rope climbing. This means that you are perfectly safe from any fall, you can just relax and climb your way up to perfect views of Gradac and surrounding area. After the beginner routes you can try climbing something harder, also perfectly secured from any fall. For this activity we will provide you with all necessary safety gear. In the middle of activity we will have short break and learn some more climbing basics and knots. This activity is suitable for children as well as long as they are accompanied by an older person.


18:00 — gathering at the meeting point
18:20 — arrival at the climbing site
18:20 — safety talk and climbing basics
18:40 — climbing time
20:00 — end of a tour


— guide with certified alpine school degree
— all neccessary equippment (climbing shoes, ropes, helmet, harness)
— insurance


— water (1,5 litres minimum)
— some food
— comfortable clothes
— any kind of hiking shoes / sneakers
— photo camera
— spare dry clothes
— sunscreen

* Itinerary is subjected to change according to season or in case of bad weather.


Perfect morning getaway for whole family. Also known as queen Teuta’s pearls, Baćina lakes are place of astonishing beauty. In this kayaking tour you will paddle through 6 of the 7 lakes while the guide will be telling you the history of the place which was inhabited by Illyrian tribes centuries ago. It’s easy and relaxing tour suitable for any age. Join us and experience one of the most quiet landscapes Dalmatia offers.

ITINERARY 9:00 — gathering at the starting point 9:10 — safety talk and preparation for the tour 10:30 — swimming and picnic break (half an hour) 12:00 — end of a tour PRICE INCLUDES — certified guide — welcome drink / snack — all neccessary equipment — insurance WHAT TO BRING — water (1,5 litres minimum) — some food — towel — hat — photo camera — swimming clothes — spare dry clothes — sunscreen * Itinerary is subjected to change according to season or in case of bad weather. SEND INQUIRY

Narrow canals and backwaters, untouched nature, underwater towns, exquisite gastronomy, green fields full of colorful citrus fruits and a history to fall in love with.

Discover the places where once the ancient Illyrians, Greeks, Romans sailed, and the pirates of Neretva planned their raids of enemy galleys. Discover the allure of one of the last swamps on the European continent, its flora and fauna, the diversity of wild birds and the traditional lifestyle of the Neretva people.

The boat will be guided by your host who will make you familiar with the life in the Neretva, show you how people of the Neretva fish and cultivate citrus fruits as symbols of the Neretva (mandarins, figs, grapes). He will reveal you small secrets of the widely known local delicacies, and toast you with wine of the Neretva.

You will enjoy local gastronomic specialties whether you prefer fish; meat or vegetarian dishes. These include eels, frogs, liska, Neretva fish stew known as ‘Neretva Brudet’ and as special offering duck in various ways including our hunter’s recipe.
Excursion starts in small place called Vid,by visiting Narona Archeological Museum which was built on the remains of the ancient Roman city called Narona. Narona Archeological Museum is the first Croatian in situ Museum, meaning that is constructed at the site of a Roman temple.